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The Yankees salvaged the last two games of a series against the Cleveland Indians at Progressive Field.

After losing two nailbiters in the first two games by a score of 6-4 and 4-3 on Friday and Saturday, the Yankees rebounded the last two games to tie the season series.

On Friday, behind a tough Pettitte loss by a Jhonny Peralta homer, the Yankees were not able to muster much offense other than two homers by Giambi (more on that later) and one by Matsui.

Saturday saw no different as Ian Kennedy did satisfactory but a base loaded single in the bottom of the ninth gave the Indians the victory. It was I-Ken’s best outing of the season so far, but did not earn the Yankees a win.

Sunday was baseball at its classiest performance — a pitcher’s duel as last year’s Cy Young award winner and future Yankee starter C.C. Sabiatha went toe to toe with Chien Ming Wang. Wang came out the winner, becoming the first AL starter to go 5-0 this season. Sabiatha allowed only one run, the deciding factor of this game, with a homer to Melky Cabrera in the sixth inning.

Last night’s victory was as sweet as it was with a 5-2 defeat of the Indians behind solid pitching by the Moose.

Notes to consider
1) A-Rod is still bothered by his strained quads.
2) Jorge Posada may be lost for 30 days or 4-6 months or the entire season.
3) Giambi is offensively getting better, but he isn’t out of MY doghouse yet.
4) The younger guns continue to get better at pitching, but the Chamberlain bullpen/rotation debate isn’t over yet.
5) Rivera is 8-8 in saves this year with a 0.00 ERA. Who could ask for more from baseball’s eminent closer?
6) The Yankees were on a seven-city road trip the last three weeks, playing 18 of 20 games away from home (gee, thanks, Pope Benedict!). They escaped from MLB’s most grueling month of any team with a 14-13 record and only one game behind first place.
7) Re: #6 – it’s pathetic to see that Tampa Bay, Boston, and Baltimore are tied. That’s how poor the AL East has been this month. Boston has lost 5 straight and Tampa Bay has won 6 straight (including 3 from Boston).

The Yankees return home for several series this week, a three game series vs. Detroit Tigers and this weekend a series against the Seattle Mariners. I’ll be at the Saturday Seattle game!

After a rain delay costing a strong start by Phil Hughes, I think the Yankees escaped with a 2-1 series win over the White Sox.

The White Sox had been the most productive team offensively in the majors and the Yankees came into town to  stop that.

In the first game, Chien Ming-Wang pitched an effective game, earning his 50th major league victory in only 85 starts. That’s the best since 1986. Does anyone still not think he’s an ace? It couldn’t hurt to have Abreu hit a grand slam. Boy, is he off to a hot start (minus that 0-5 night the next night).

The second game saw Moose at a vintage best as he pitched seven strong innings and Mo got his 6th save. Mo’s ERA is still at 0.00. Jorge was sizzlin’. 4-5 with 3 doubles.  After Jeter got off the bench and played in Baltimore last weekend, he was hot. Jorge’s back, and he’s hot. Does that mean A-Rod will be hot in Cleveland this weekend?

LaTroy Hawkins still sucks donkey balls. Seriously. His ERA became 11.17. Can we get Darrel Rasner or Edwar Ramirez back here?

Last night’s game showed promise for a chance of a sweep of the White Sox (first since 2002), but thanks to Mother Nature, that did not happen.  Phil Hughes (who has been the subject of criticism and praise lately) was spectacular in two innings of 23 pitches. Then the skies opened. After 51 minutes, it wasn’t worth the price of an arm. Ross Ohlendorf came in, pitched one strong and one weak inning. Then came back Donkey Balls man, who again sucked. At least his ERA went down to 10.03.

Joba got his first major league loss last night. The White Sox scored a run off him in the 9th inning. It’s better to get that first “milestone” out of the way.

This weekend the Yankees head to Jacobs Progressive Field. On the mound tonight is Pettitte. He’ll be gunning for his fourth victory of the season.

The Yankees salvaged a possible sweep and a possible fourth straight loss with a very strong pitching performance from the best left hander on the Yankees rotation. Wait. Andy Pettitte’s the only left hander worth mentioning.

Pettitte kept the Orioles to only one run in seven innings, helping the Yankees win 7-1.

After watching the game on Friday personally at the Yards, I was impressed with Hughes’ performance. If not for Giambi or A-Rod’s errors, the game would have been closer. I-Ken wasn’t good at all yesterday. Giardi did a good thing today separating Hughes and I-Ken to a day between them, inserting Pettitte in between. This gives the Yankees rotation a nicer spin with Wang, Moose, Hughes, Petts and I-Ken in that order.

With an off day tomorrow (finally, about time), the Yankees will go to Chicago to face their old teammate, Jose Contreras, who is 1-1 on the season. Wang will try to build on his “W” column with his fifth start of the season.

In all, Pettitte was the only bright spot of the trip to Baltimore. Jeter was good, and so was Chad Moeller (Posada to first base, anyone?) . Hughes was okay, I-Ken needs more work.

Lets hope we can win a couple from the White Sox, who are doing not so badly themselves. They have an awful Twins, dismal Tigers, and inconsistent Indians to content with.

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